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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Old, Tattered Photograph

Victoria H Loren and Bill Bero have released a song on SoundCloud...

~A TRIBUTE from Victoria H. Loren~
I am so thankful for my family and friends who have joined me on this incredible journey. I am blessed to have met and crossed paths with some truly remarkable people.
Recently, I asked Bill Bero for help to pay tribute to my father. I am honored to have such a wonderful, extremely talented friend in my life.
Sometimes we lose those we love dearly. My mother fought a hard battle with cancer... one earth angel has returned home. My father went to her graveside for eight years every single day. I wrote a piece for him (one he greatly treasured).

With the help of a very talented musician, my dream has come true. I still cannot believe the song is real. Thus this might be the reason I played it so many times but the real truth is I absolutely love this song.

The Old Tattered Photograph-CoWritten by Victoria H. Loren/Bill Bero, music by Bill Bero.

Dedicated, to my father. " This one is for you, I love you, Daddy."

Thank you, Bill Bero, I could never begin to express how much your kindness means to me.
~Victoria H. Loren~
Author, Legacy of Trust Trilogy (Blind Trust, TrustWorthy, and Flames of Trust)

One man, his guitar and soulful voice...