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Friday, March 31, 2017

A Legacy of Trust

Victoria Loren’s Legacy of Trust saga are thrillers with a passionate, romantic twist. Her ability to intertwine romance with horror creates a powerful chemistry. The bold, cryptic characters allude to the seduction of darker forces. The battle of divine powers and dark forces are taken to a new height as the legacy empowers and ignites perseverance.
The legacy of two sisters is threatened by dark unforeseen forces. The delicate balance of crucifixion or exhilaration sanctified the preservation of their heritage. Victoria Loren’s masterful revelation of horror unfolds with a powerful suspense released through passionate, romantic interludes. The playful bantering creates a desire for more. The sisters struggle to find the truth of their heritage while learning their own strength empowers greater love and peace within their life. The journey takes them closer to discover their heritage but at what cost?

The saga begins with Blind Trust where a legacy of divine powers and dark forces are born.

Legacy of Trust Saga
Book one: Blind Trust
Book two: TrustWorthy
Book three: Flames of Trust

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