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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Victoria H. Loren Featured Author in October Issue Beyond Arts Magazine

Sarah Book Publishing is proud to have fiction author Victoria H. Loren on its roster. Victoria was born in Fort Worth and currently resides in Texas. She is an artist/graphic designer, utilizing creative concepts inspired by nature and her love for landscape/garden designs. Victoria H. Loren is the author of the ‘Legacy of Trust’ trilogy (Blind Trust, TrustyWorthy and Flames of Trust).

Ms. Loren’s Legacy of Trust trilogy are thrillers with passionate, romantic twists that captivate and entice readers. Her ability to intertwine romance with horror creates a powerful chemistry. The bold, cryptic characters allude to the seduction of darker forces. The battle of divine powers and dark forces are taken to a new height, as the legacy empowers and ignites perseverance. The legacy of two sisters is threatened by dark unforeseen forces.

Victoria is dedicated to helping others and strives to share her devotion for finding peace and joy in life. She is blessed with a loving family and friends. The appreciation for mentors, teachers, and professors who inspired and ignited a passion for making a difference by allowing one’s voice to be heard, gives Victoria a foundation. Her outlook on life provides a strong basis for the concept of being able to incorporate and share this gratitude. She embraces each day with renewed hope, joy and passion. The simple things in life inspire and allow her to visualize and appreciate the beauty in all things. Her journey is one of providing strength, compassion, and a genuine interest to touch and make a difference in the lives of others.

In her first book, Blind Trust, the legacy of two sisters is threatened by dark unforeseen forces. Jessie Shannon, a beautiful, talented entrepreneur, defies gender roles within the industry proving her mastery. Never overshadowed by her sister’s achievements, she courageously confronts obstacles to save their heritage. Regan Rowland embraces life with compassion, dedicating her heart and soul to the sanctity of trust for preserving their family legacy. The courageous battle with dark forces ignites unification with a divine gift.

The sisters struggle to find the truth of their heritage while learning that their strength empowers greater love and peace within their life. The journey takes them closer to the discovery of their heritage, but at what cost?

As to why she wrote the book, she says, “The excitement of the first book (Blind Trust) from the Legacy of Trust trilogy, being released is both thrilling and frightening for me. I felt honored and blessed that I can learn and grow as an author. The publication of Blind Trust is a monumental goal. After the death of my father, I felt lost and alone. Writing provided a means for me to find a new direction in my life. While writing truly is my passion, during this period of my life, it became a spiritual healing for me. The emotion of such a great loss empowered a greater feeling of love and peace. I am extremely proud of the completion and publication of Blind Trust. The treasured manuscript was written over ten years ago, and through the support of my family and friends; I found the courage to seek publication.”

“The Legacy of Trust trilogy continues with TrustWorthy. The excitement of writing the second manuscript brought a new fear. Would this manuscript have the emotional drive? Or, would I be facing writer’s block? I was pleasantly surprised to find the passion still existed to conquer my fears and allow inner strength to guide me. I am captivated by the means to which this second manuscript has exceeded my expectations. TrustWorthy continues the legacy with a stronger force of preservation. This manuscript is, by far, my favorite. Now with that said, I am excited to conclude the Legacy of Trust trilogy with what is sure, to be a passionate, fiery novel-Flames of Trust. Publication is only the first step, as marketing is a whole, different story. Social media is a new concept, for sure! I may not be comfortable with each step of the journey yet, but definitely, I love the challenge to learn as I leave my footprint”, she concluded.

The gentle caress across her face brought a calming effect to her body. The darkness still held her tight allowing no light to enter. The touch of softly holding her hand assured Jessie he was there. The voice guided Jessie, soothing her fears. She felt no pain only tranquility lulling her to sleep. How long had she been sleeping? When would the bright light shine again to wake her? Jessie drifted back to that dark, comforting place to wait. The darkness settled over her body; she fought to breathe. Her arms and legs felt weighted down; she could not move. The pain in her head intensified, pounding loudly. Jessie felt her body jerk then grow still.

The heart monitors flashed a warning beep as the elevated rate jumped back and forth then leveled out to one solid line. Nolan jumped to his feet as horror registered across his face.

“Jessie, no! Please come back; I need you,” Nolan cried out holding desperately onto her hand.

Several nurses buzzed through the door wheeling in a crash cart. Her doctor followed administering orders to the nurses. Precious moments pass by before the nurse nodded to Nolan.  


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Volume 04-Issue 12 2015 
Victoria H. Loren story by Sabrina Guice.

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