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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Candidly Expressed

The excitement of the first book (Blind Trust) from the Legacy of Trust trilogy, being released was both thrilling and frightening for me.  I feel honored and blessed that I can learn and grow as an author.  The publication of Blind Trust was a monumental goal.  After the death of my father, I felt lost and alone. Writing provided a means for me to find a new direction in my life. While writing truly is my passion, during this period of my life, it became a spiritual healing for me. The emotion of such a great loss empowered a greater feeling of love and peace. I am extremely proud of the completion and publication of Blind Trust. The treasured manuscript was written over ten years ago, and through the support of my family and friends; I found the courage to seek publication.

The Legacy of Trust trilogy continues with TrustWorthy. The excitement of writing the second manuscript brought a new fear.  Would this manuscript have the emotional drive? Or, would I be facing writer's block? I was pleasantly surprised to find the passion still existed to conquer my fears and allow inner strength to guide me. I am captivated, by the means to which this second manuscript has exceeded my expectations. TrustWorthy continues the legacy with a stronger force of preservation. This manuscript is by far, my favorite. Now with that said, I am excited to conclude the Legacy of Trust trilogy with what is sure, to be passionate, fiery novel-Flame of Trust. For more information:

Publication is only the first step as marketing is a whole, different story. Social media is a new concept, for sure! I may not be comfortable with each step of the journey yet, but definitely, I love the challenge to learn as I leave my footprint.

Forever and Always Yours,

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  1. Awesome News... Blind Trust is now available ebook and print!
    For more information:

    Thank you for your patience.
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