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Saturday, September 6, 2014




The darkness engulfed her body pulling her deeper into the abyss. Electrified hot charges penetrated and pulsated a sporadic rhythm cascading as her body violently trembled erupting into one final arch before surrendering to a blinding white light. Regan opened her mind and body to the light. The current charged throughout her body as she embraced the white-hot energy. The surge created an orb that encircled her lifting Regan to a weightless plane. The light radiated through her entire body as the passage dissipated. The darkness cradled her. Regan could feel her Mother’s warm embrace holding her body. She felt an energy that released her from the darkness. The voice returned. His voice. No sanctity would ever provide an escape. Destiny would manifest their powerful confrontation. She had to prevail or be lost to an eternal damnation of his creation.

The Legacy of Trust trilogy continues with the powerful, thrilling novel TrustWorthy. Romantic interludes ignite an unwavering passion...

Status for submission and updates can be found at:

Please join me on this journey.

Always and forever yours,
Victoria H. Loren 

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