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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mysterious Passionate Natures...

Blind Trust

The legacy of two sisters is threatened by dark unforeseen forces. The delicate balance of crucifixion or exhilaration sanctified the preservation of their heritage.

Jessie Shannon, a beautiful, talented entrepreneur, defies gender roles within the industry proving her mastery. Never shadowed by her sister’s footsteps she courageously confronts obstacles to save their heritage. The strength and perseverance behind her dark brown eyes captivated the hearts of those who dared to stand within her path.

Regan Rowland embraced life with compassion, dedicating her heart and soul to the sanctity of trust for preserving their family legacy. The courageous battle with dark forces ignites unification with a divine gift.

The sister's struggle to find the truth of their heritage while learning their own strength empowers greater love and peace within their life. The journey takes them closer to discovering their heritage but at what cost.

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